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Bill Jantz, President of RWR, began his career working for a conglomerate and learned that any company can be improved with good management. For the last 10 years, Bill has been helping small businesses to utilize “best management practices”. Bill has proven that small businesses can thrive when they utilize best practice tools.

Bill’s background is summarized below:

Profile: Respected as a business partner who contributes in all business areas. Provides an international executive perspective. Recognized for the ability to identify, sell, plan and implement ideas that add value to the organization. Regarded for his negotiation skills and diplomatic style.

Business Experience: Held various executive positions with a large multinational including Chief Financial Officer, Europe, where he led a 90-person team in 10 countries. Provided a leadership role in restoring profitability to the European operations. Previously, directed acquisition, restructuring, bank relationship, capital investment and international treasury operations. As a corporate officer with a conglomerate, negotiated over US$ 1 billion of complex financings. Began his career as a market research analyst.

Consulting Experience: Business turn-around; business start-ups; strategic planning; marketing strategies and tools; licensing agreements; acquisitions; partner buy-outs; recapitalizations; metrics and accountability and cost reduction strategies.

Language Skills: Fluent in Spanish.

University Education: Loyola University, Chicago, Illinois, MBA. Northern Illinois University, De Kalb, Illinois, BA. (Included study in South America.)



"RWR has helped us to improve every facet of our small international business. With Bill's help we have focused our marketing effort and now clearly communicate benefit statements to our customers..." Read More...