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Because client issues are unique, it would be unfair to offer you a cookie-cutter approach. Instead, during our initial free consultation, we will invest the time necessary to understand your issues.

Within a week of our visit, we will send you a written proposal that outlines the problem or opportunity statement, our role, your role, the deliverables, our qualifications and the cost.


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"RWR has helped us to improve every facet of our small international business. With Bill's help we have focused our marketing effort and now clearly communicate benefit statements to our customers. We have dramatically improved our marketing collateral materials including our website, trade magazine ads and brochures. We are pricing for value. We have goals that we review every quarter. Bill helped us to capture a large target account. We have improved our bank relationships, negotiated a large credit line and saved considerable transaction fees. Bill helped us to achieve ISO 9001:2000 quality certification. We have improved our Human Resource skills. He has helped to resolve partner issues. As a bonus, Bill is fun to work with."
Willem Franken, President
TurboUSA, Fort Lauderdale, FL

"As a start-up I sought Bill's input on a number of issues. He has really helped my partners and I to focus the business. He is a good team builder. Bill is experienced on every facet of business. It's like renting a General Manager. I regularly seek his advice."
Jonathan Saporta
Vierge Corporation
Aventura, FL

"Bill Jantz was critical in the design and implementation of a plan to improve 10 small companies in Europe. He is an excellent negotiator and good business partner. He does a great job of managing lawyers and accountants."
Steve Newlin, President & COO
Ondeo Nalco Company
Naperville, IL


Client List

Our clients generally fall into four categories:

  • Start-Ups looking for a way to minimize mistakes and increase their chance of survival
  • Established companies seeking a “preventative check-up”
  • Companies with growth, profitability or human resource challenges
  • Companies facing new issues
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