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Customer Successes

Due to customer confidentiality, these abbreviated case studies do not identify client names.

Case Study #1 A service provider loses a customer that represents over 90% of sales. RWR and the client develop a plan to quickly find new customers and avert financial disaster.

Case Study #2 A company has not taken a price increase in five ears. RWR works with the company to identify their competitive strengths. These benefits are clearly communicated to customers and a significant price increase is sold without objection.

Case Study #3 The partners in a business are having constant conflict. RWR works with the partners to create a common understanding and a unified business plan. The partnership is now healthy and synergistic.

Case Study #4 A company has a liquidity crisis and must shut down unless new financing is found. RWR assists the company to obtain bank financing. However, more importantly, RWR teaches the company how to avoid a future crisis. Key metrics are established and organizational changes are made.

Case Study #5 An individual desires to purchase the shares of his partner and gain control of a business. RWR helps the client to value the business and negotiate a fair purchase.

Case Study #6 A company desires a “preventative check-up”. RWR determines that a supplier is overpricing their services. RWR introduces a new supplier to the company producing $40,000 per year of savings.

Case Study #7 A new business owner is seeking a partner. However, the owner does not know how to compensate the partner. RWR helps the owners to define their roles. Once the roles are defined, RWR suggests equity and operational compensation levels.



RWR helps small businesses to position themselves for future success. We provide our customers with insight, planning and implementation expertise to address:
Success Strategies; Growth Initiatives; Profitability Improvement; Organizational Effectiveness; Finance Strategies; Metrics & Accountability. Read More...