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Because client issues are unique, it would be unfair to offer you a cookie-cutter approach. Instead, during our initial free consultation, we will invest the time necessary to understand your issues.

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RWR helps small businesses to position themselves for future success. We provide our customers with insight, planning and implementation expertise to address:

  •  Success Strategies

    • Business plans to improve focus & achievement
    • Goals, Action Plans & Measurements to align activities with the Mission Statement
    • Rescue plans for company survival
    • Definition & rationalization of core business
    • Exit strategies
    • Start-up planning
  •  Growth Initiatives

    • Measuring & increasing customer satisfaction
    • Creating compelling marketing messages
    • Identifying new products, services & markets
    • Strategic alliances: Mergers, Acquisitions, Partnerships etc.
  •  Profitability Improvement

    • Pricing for value
    • Selling price increases
    • Developing quality low-cost suppliers
    • Managing expenses prudently
  •  Organization Effectiveness

    • Organization planning
    • Team building
    • Resolution of partner conflicts
    • Employee evaluations & motivation
    • Policies & Procedures
  •  Finance/Metrics & Accountability

    • Bank relationship management
    • Bank loan negotiation
    • Financial forecasting
    • Financial management
    • Capital investment analysis & justification
    • Foreign Currency risk management

Customer Success

Case Study #1
A service provider loses a customer that represents over 90% of sales. RWR and the client develop a plan to quickly find new customers and avert financial disaster.
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